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About me

La Comida Deliciosa extraordinary recipes for every day cooks. 

Feeling uninspired what to cook? A pantry full of food but no idea what to make? Always making the same recipes over and over? Then you have come to the right place. 

Hi I’m Antoinette and this is La Comida Deliciosa, a food blog where I share extraordinary recipes for every day cooks. I am a lover of food and everything of cooking and have been cooking all my life. From experience I know how important food can be. How the right foods can nourish you while unhealthy foods can drain you. 

That is why I started this food journey to share what I learned with you. So you can become inspired again to try something new. To use those ingredients that are hidden in the back of your pantry and wow your family and friends. 

My recipes are surprisingly simple, healthy, rustic, organic, always non meat, mostly plant based and sometimes pescatarian. I use cookbooks, magazines and the Internet as inspiration and a starting point. On la Comida Deliciosa you will learn that by experimenting and changing e.g. ingredients, technics or cooking method you can change common recipes into something different, into something special. So you can put a different dish on the table every day or whenever you like. 

So start today. Read the recipes, watch the videos and I hope I can inspire you to enjoy your time in the kitchen.

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